PICTOCLUB is a private platform that allows online sales of decorative paintings. We offer a wide catalog of paintings that can be purchased at reasonable prices away from the high figures used in traditional circuits of auctions and art galleries We keep up to date regarding the latest decorative trends that you can find in the most prestigious magazines of decoration and interior design to offer you fashionable paintings but always with a touch that makes us unique.

How does PICTOCLUB work?

On our website you will find a vast catalog of digital paintings organised by categories or themes. In addition we offer you a series of filters (size, price, size, color ...) to make it easier for you to find what best suits your tastes and needs.

After selecting a work you'll see the different sizes in which it can be done, and the price for each size. Once selected size you can also choose whether you want your painting to be prepared with or without a frame. If you opt for a frame, you can select among three different colors (black, white and natural wood color). The cost depends on the size of the frame of the selected picture.

Once you have selected a painting in a certain size and added or not a frame, it will be added to your shopping cart. You can then continue shopping or proceed to checkout.

In order to proceed to the payment of your order you must register as a user of PICTOCLUB. This will allow us to obtain your personal data and the address to which you wish to send your order.

We provide you with different means of payment (credit card, PayPal or bank transfer) to make your purchase absolutely safe.

Once you have made the payment and it has been verified you will receive a confirmation email that will include all data related to your order and you will serve as a receipt. Your order will be launched and our painters will already be preparing your paint. Exclusively for you.

About our paintings

Who designs the paintings?

All PICTOCLUB paintings are original and have been designed by our team of artists as well as by independent artists that work with us. We keep up to date regarding the latest decorative trends that you can find in the most prestigious magazines of decoration and interior design to offer you fashionable paintings but always with a touch that makes us unique.

We are open to commercial collaboration with graphic artists and painters who want to see their works included in our catalog. To work with PICTOCLUB you can contact us by sending an email to info@pictoclub.com

How are the paintings made?

All PICTOCLUB paintings are original and have been designed by our team of artists as well as by independent artists that work with us. They are 100% HAND MADE by our team of extraordinary painters. Paintings are done the proper way: canvas, brush and paint. ABSOLUTELY NO ARTIFICIAL OR MECHANICAL MEANS OF REPRODUCTION.

That is why, although the image in the digital catalog is obviously always the same, each piece is unique in itself. In developing the painting there will always be small differences in shapes and colors that make each piece unique, exclusive and slightly different without losing any beauty and value.

We do not keep stock. The paintings are done when an order is received and always according to the size and format that you prefer. Thus you can be sure that our artists are doing a work exclusively for you.

Limited Editions

The production of each painting exhibited in our catalog is limited to a maximum of 100 units, after which the painting will be removed from our catalog. With every order you will also receive a certificate signed by PICTOCLUB indicating which number of the limited edition corresponds to your painting.

In which formats are the paintings available?

Our paintings are presented sorted by type of format.

There are three format types: square (box), rectangular horizontal and vertical rectangular.

What size can I chose for my painting?

Each painting is available in five different sizes:

Can I order my painting in special sizes?

Of course. In addition to standard measures, we offer you our PICTOCLUB BESPOKE service to allow you chose the theme, size and format you want.

For more information on the Bespoke service please contact our Customer Service at the following email address info@pictoclub.com

Do you produce paintings for interior design projects?

Yes. We regularly work with interior designers and architectsn for the production of of the decorative paintings they include in their projects. Many of our paintings are already present in hotels, restaurants, offices and private projects made by interior designers who trusted PICTOCLUB for their projects.

To learn more about how to include PICTOCLUB in your decoration projects contact us via email info@pictoclub.com

What kind of frames can I chose for my paintings?

When selecting a painting you can also choose to add or not a frame. Unframed paintings, with the canvas visible from the sides, are an excellent option. However, if you opt for the elegance of a framework we offer the possibility to choose between three different colors: black, white and natural color wood. In all three cases the frame is an elegant and subtle box around the canvas, the perfect complement to enhance your painting.

What is the average production time of a painting?

The average production time for our paintings is 20 days. Remember all paintings are 100% handmade oil on canvas, and require time and dedication to reach perfection. In some cases, depending on the painting, this time may be shorter. In that case we will contact you to offer you the possibility of advancing the delivery date./p>

Can I order more than one painting?

Yes. If your order includes several paintings you will be given all in one shipment. If you order a large number of paintings that could affect our usual delivery time we will contact you to schedule a delivery date according to the time needed for the preparation of your order.

How I can keep up with PICTOCLUB latest news and special promotions?

We try to offer new paintings every week. To receive periodic information with PICTOCLUB news and promotions just register as a user or register as a subscriber to our Newsletter service.

Purchase process and orders

How long does it take to process an order?

After verifying the payment of your order takes 24 hours to process it after which our artists will start working on your painting according to the format, size and frame requested. Remember that only during those 24 hours you can cancel or modify an order.

When is my order confirmed?

We consider an order to be confirmed when payment has been successfully verified. Once verified the payment you will receive a confirmation email with your receipt of purchase and the number assigned to your order. In the case of payment via credit card verification is done immediately by the banks so you may expect to receive a confirmation email immediately after entering your personal and banking data in the process. Bank transfers may delay confirmation 24 hours.

I have not received confirmation of my order, What should I do?

Contact our Customer Service at the following email address info@pictoclub.com or give us a call at phone number +34 630 540 751 and we will be happy to help.

Can I cancel or modify my order?

After confirmation of your order you will have a maximum of 24 hours to cancel or modify the order. After those 24-hours your order will be processed and your painting will be already in production and it will no longer be possible to modify or cancel them. Being custom goods restrictions apply on the right of return. For more information, see the section on Deliveries and Returns.

If you want to order new works you can do so by making a new order. If you want this new order to be delivered on the same date and address of your other please request it and we will do our best to send both orders together.

Which credit cards does PICTOCLUB accept?

We accept the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard and American Express

Can I pay with my PayPal account?

Yes, if you are a registered PayPal customer you can select this payment method during the checkout process and you will be redirected to the PayPal page where you can enter your data and make your purchase safely.

Can I pay by wire transfer?

If you prefer, you can make your payment by bank transfer to the account PICTOCLUB has opened in Bankia. Select this method when you go to confirm your purchase and you will receive an email with all the information necessary to make the transfer.

Can I place my order by phone?

The purchase process will always be simpler and clearer if you make through our website. If for technical reasons you could not make the purchase through the web you can contact us by phone with our customer service and will try to help in the processing of your order.

How can I use my vouchers?

If you have a voucer or a promotional code and want to use it, you can do so during the purchase process by inserting the voucher code in the box reserved for that purpose. The discount will be applied directly to the final purchase price

How does PICTOCLUB guarantee the safety of my payments?

Security is a fundamental element to PICTOCLUB . We want you to proceed with your purchases with total and absolute peace of mind that your data, both personal and banking, are treated with the utmost confidentiality by the safest information technology. Therefore, all transactions are conducted through secure payment systems protected by encrypted codes protocols (SSL) to ensure maximum security.

Credit card payments are always made through platforms enabled by major credit card companies, never directly by PICTOCLUB so your data is received directly by the bank via a secure, encrypted connection.

Deliveries and returns

How are the paintings delivered?

For our deliveries we rely on DHL, the world's leading specialized transport company. With them, your order will always be in professional hands.

Deliveries are made at the address you have provided when making your order. Deliveries are only done on weekdays and during business hours. The exact date of receipt will be notified by email as soon as the carrier collects the goods at our Studio. The approximate delivery time is 24 to 72 hours, depending on the place of delivery.

Up to 48 hours before departure you can modify the product delivery address by sending us an email at info@pictoclub.com.

What kind of packaging is used?

Our paintings are shipped with specific professional packaging boxes in order to ensure they reach you in perfect condition.

Shipping costs

Depending on format and place of delivery some shipping costs may apply./a>.

Where is my order?

Once the painting is picked up by DHL we will send you a tracking number that will allow you to know at all times where is your order and the estimated time of delivery at the address provided. In most of the cases the carrier will contact you by telephone to arrange the exact time at which you wish it delivered the goods.

Are shippments insured?

We pack our products with great care and high-strength materials to reach you in perfect condition. Unfortunately, no shipping is exempt from the possibility of unforeseen events. For your complete tranquility, all our shipments are fully insured and all costs will be covered in the unlikely event that the goods arrived damaged.

What is the avarage delivery time?

Once your order is picked up by DHL delivery will take between 24 and 72 hours to reach the address you gave us at the time of purchase.

How is my order delivered?

When the carrier collects your order in our Studio we will send you an email to alert you when the delivery will take place.

What happens if I am not at home at the time of delivery?

If on the day and time agreed there is no one at the delivery address the shipping company will attempt to deliver the order a second or third time and will previously contact you to arrange a new delivery time.

Can I modify the delivery address of my order?

You can correct or change the delivery address until 48 hours before the departure of the product by sending us an email at info@pictoclub.com

I have not received my order, what shall I do?

If you have not received a product at the date agreed immediately please contact our Customer Service at the email info@pictoclub.com

I received the wrong product, what shall I do?

If the product received does not correspond to the order placed please immediately contact our Customer Service at the email info@pictoclub.com

Can I return my order?

Since all our products are custom made goods and are exclusively produced 100% in accordance with the specifications of size and frame decided by each buyer, once the order is processed there is no possibility of returning the products purchased beyond the cases of delivery of wrong or damaged goods for reasons attributable to PICTOCLUB (Art. 103.C of the Spanish General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users). In any case we allow a maximum of 24 hours between the order confirmation and the processing of the order during which you can modify or cancel the order by contacting us by email info@pictoclub.com

For those cases in which for reasons attributable to PICTOCLUB you have been delivered wrong or damaged products, you have a period of fourteen (14) days to proceed without further reference to the return of a product at no cost. To make a return contact our customer service department that will provide you with all the information necessary to proceed to the collection and return of the product.

Remember that for a return to be accepted the item must be in perfect condition and in its original packaging. The carrier may refuse a collection if these requirements are not met. Once received and verified in our stores the condition of the product will proceed to refund the cost of the painting purchased.

Contact with PICTOCLUB

How can I contact PICTOCLUB?

You may contact us:

How can I register as User in PICTOCLUB?

You can register as a user of PICTOCLUB by filling in the registration form available on this website. If you had problems when making your registration you can send an email to our Customer Service via info@pictoclub.com including your personal details (name, phone number, email address, postal address) and we will make the registration you.

Remember that to place your order is essential to be a registered user of PICTOCLUB.

All your data is handled professionally and confidentially by PICTOCLUB. For more information about the treatment that PICTOCLUB gives to your data please consult the Privacy Policy section of this website.

What advantages do I have as a registered user of PICTOCLUB?

Besides allowing you to order, registration as a user of PICTOCLUB gives you access to many advantages: wishlists to save your favorite paintings to see them later, store them in your shopping cart, receive regular information on news and benefit from promotions and exclusive discounts for our PICTOCLUB users.

Who can I work for PICTOCLUB?

If you want to work in PICTOCLUB you can send an email to the address info@pictoclub.com.

We are open to collaboration with graphic artists and painters who want to see their works included in our catalog. To work with PICTOCLUB ysend us an email to info@pictoclub.com,including a resume and portfolio where we can see some of your work.

Can I open a franchise with PICTOCLUB?

Yes. If you are interested in opening a franchise with PICTOCLUB please send us an email at info@pictoclub.com and we will send the specifications and basic conditions to become a franchisee .

What is PICTOCLUB's Privacy Policy?

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Which are PICTOCLUB's General Terms and Conditions?

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