PICTOCLUB is a private platform that allows online sales of decorative paintings.

We offer a wide catalog of paintings that can be purchased at reasonable prices away from the high figures used in traditional circuits of auctions and art galleries

We keep up to date regarding the latest decorative trends that you can find in the most prestigious magazines of decoration and interior design to offer you fashionable paintings but always with a touch that makes us unique.

All PICTOCLUB paintings are original and have been designed by our team of artists as well as by independent artists that work with us. They are 100% HAND MADE by our team of extraordinary painters. Paintings are done the proper way: canvas, brush and paint. ABSOLUTELY NO ARTIFICIAL OR MECHANICAL MEANS OF REPRODUCTION.

That is why, although the image in the digital catalog is obviously always the same, each piece is unique in itself. In developing the painting there will always be small differences in shapes and colors that make each piece unique, exclusive and slightly different without losing any beauty and value.

We do not keep stock. The paintings are done when an order is received and always according to the size and format that you prefer. Thus you can be sure that our artists are doing a work exclusively for you.

How does PICTOCLUB work?

On our website you will find a vast catalog of digital paintings organised by categories or themes. In addition we offer you a series of filters (size, price, size, color ...) to make it easier for you to find what best suits your tastes and needs.

After selecting a work you'll see the different sizes in which it can be done, and the price for each size. Once selected size you can also choose whether you want your painting to be prepared with or without a frame. If you opt for a frame, you can select among three different colors (black, white and natural wood color). The cost depends on the size of the frame of the selected picture.

Once you have selected a painting in a certain size and added or not a frame, it will be added to your shopping cart. You can then continue shopping or proceed to checkout.

In order to proceed to the payment of your order you must register as a user of PICTOCLUB. This will allow us to obtain your personal data and the address to which you wish to send your order.

We provide you with different means of payment (credit card, PayPal or bank transfer) to make your purchase absolutely safely.

Once you have made the payment and it has been verified you will receive a confirmation email that will include all data related to your order and you will serve as a receipt. Your order will be launched and our painters will already be preparing your paint. Exclusively for you.